L'angioletto con una sola ala
Jorge Parada

L'angioletto con una sola ala

Jorge Parada

Language: Italian


"-Do you know what an angel with one winged is called?
-I don't know! But I don't know what a child with an extra wing is called either!"

One Winged Angel tells the story of an angel that cannot fly because he only has one wing on his back, and in order to find the missing wing to fly, he starts to travel looking for it. Wonderful!!!!!

It is during this trip when he finds other people that are also looking for something missing in their lives and that is what we see in every chapter of the book: several meetings which show us a great range of abilities and differences that make the reader think and feel in an emotive way that lets us receive well the background message.

one winged angel is an educational and instructive book with a clear underlying message and very appropiate from a teaching context.

It is a perfect reading for Families, Schools and most of all, for sensitive and emotional people.


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Jorge Alberto Parada was born on March 30, 1959 in the Federal Capital of the Republic of Argentina.
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