Ave Paraíso
Jorge Parada

Ave Paraíso

Jorge Parada

Language: Spanish


Paradise Bird lives happily but he feels lonely. Other animals stop right in front of him to admire his majestic beauty and to listen to his melodic song, but this does not seem to fulfill him.

As years went by, sadness overcame the Paradise Bird because he could not fulfill his longing to discover his origins and found his own family with a female Paradise bird like him, and finding his raison d´être.

Paradise Bird is a fable about the importance of finding our own place in the world so that we can be happy.

Jorge Parada surprises us this time with beautiful prose full of delightful images. Paradise Bird is a text from which we can extract plenty of messages about the meaning of life, self-improvement, solidarity or love.

The main character in our story has to face with up to the toughest tests and begin the most important flight of his entire life. A journey that will take him to a place which must become his home and where he will find the truth about himself and the final meaning of his life.


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Jorge Alberto Parada was born on March 30, 1959 in the Federal Capital of the Republic of Argentina.
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